Android Development VS Web Development | Reality

Omkar Somnath Ghotekar
5 min readDec 20, 2020

Hello there, I am Omkar Ghotekar. I am a Software Engineer working in India. I am an expert in Web as well as in Android Development with almost 2 years of experience. Coming from a CS background it is hard to decide in which field to move on?

Android or Web? So basically, I will say that totally is an independent choice. In what does your interests lies? So here are some questions that will let you decide your priorities???

  1. Am I a newbie?
  2. What will matter more in my resume📝?
  3. What will guarantee me an excellent placement?
  4. Do I love intensive programming? How far I am willing to go?
  5. What is easy to learn. What is in more demand (Android | Web)?
  6. What will pay me more💰?

So here are the 6 factors that I have listed out that will let you compare, what you want to choose Web Development / Android Development. Let’s Go!!!

Learning Curve (What’s Easy)

Funny fact!!! You have to learn both😂. Let’s differentiate according to the complexity of the projects you want to build.

Simple Android Project → For building a simple Android Project you basically need Android Studio Software. Download an Emulator if you want. You additionally have to setup the libraries & sdk files.
PS — Need a high end laptop*(explained further) , Learn Java, Kotlin or Dart*.

Simple Web Project → You just need a simple Notepad & a simple browser for web development. Save it using .html extension and BOOM💥. You have created your first web development project. Add a little CSS to make it look beautiful.

Additionally → For Android development you have to be updated with the new android system updates, otherwise your apps would be deprecated on play store.
For advance Web projects you have to additionally learn Angular JS or Vue JS or maybe React Libraries.

Placements (What’s beneficial)

If you have some medium or high-level real-life Android/IOS applications mentioned in your CV, then it shows that you are passionate about coding or learning coding from scratch. Also shows that you haven’t wasted 4 years of your college by doing nothing.
Also it shows your creativity as well as knowledge of Android as an Operating System is also been shown.

If a company visits your campus🧑‍🎓, you definitely have an edge over others as in interviews the questions are more often asked about Android system. Even if you are not good at Data Structures & Algorithms📚, Android development could be your biggest advantage.

Deploy a Production

Web →If you are a student or a developer, GitHub is an excellent platform to deploy you web based projects. You can subscribe to the GitHub Student Pack for FREE. Personally, this has helped me a lot a developer. Stay tuned!!! Visit my profile to know more.

Android → For hosting of apps there aren’t much free resources available. The standard way is you have to sign In Google Developer account and buy the subscription for 25$ (roughly 2000₹), then meet the Google requirements to host your app on play store.

Additionally → There are many free and cool website that offer you free domain name and hosting other than GitHub.
Also you can build your .apk file from Android Studio and share them via a sharing app with your friends and colleagues rather than hosting it.

System Requirements

Android → An Android Developer really requires a high-end i.e., minimum(4GB) RAM (I recommend 8GB or else you will get frustrated) *. Also, a minimum of i3 intel processor and a graphic card would be a plus point for developers😊.

Web → Only a Notepad or Visual Studio Code (for better visualization) and a simple browser would be efficiently to run the web code smoothly.

Supply VS Demand

Here, Android Development has a significant edge over Web development. Let me explain you with an example.

Example- From the early 90’s, websites are available on the internet. But in the last decade, mobile applications are taking a boom in the market. Every day we use multiple apps in our mobiles rather than visiting a website of the same, but many are still not available.

Thus, the supply is very less for an Android developer and very less for an IOS developer. But in case of web development many web developers who have literally researched in the field of web development are readily available.

Thus even if you are from Tier-3 college, you can get a job in a Product Based Company with hefty package based on the skillset of an Android / IOS developer.


This totally depends upon Product Based or Service Based company you are placed in.

Product Based → In these types of companies, you usually enter as Software Engineer. You get to choose your field if you want Android or Web. Also, in Web Development you can get to choose as a Backend or Frontend developer, or a Full Stack developer. Task is assigned, you learn and go for it.

Basically, the salary of Software Engineer ranges between 6LPA to 14LPA for freshers and increased beyond.

Service Based → In these companies, you are entitled to a single post like Java developer, Android or Web developer, etc. Thus, your packages get divided too.

But in Service Based companies too, Android Developer’s supply is less whereas package offered is more than normal. Usually, the package offered is in between 3LPA to 8LPA.


So, Guys after reading this, I guess your doubts have been resolved regarding what to choose between Web and Android Development. Do not waste much time thinking and just go for it!!! Just master what you like & you would be unstoppable🚀.

I have done and continuously doing some Android and Web development projects in college and showcasing them on GitHub. Go there and star⭐ the repository if you like them!!! If you any doubt, reach out to me on LinkedIn( or Twitter( and we will surely discuss them.

Thank You.